5H3EE Online QSL Request

By using this system you can request your printed 5H3EE QSL card(s) online. Then you do not need and should not send your QSL card to us! The QSO data you have entered will be checked manually to detect tolerances. Your 5H3EE QSL card(s) will be sent via bureau normally. This will take several months.

For a subsequent payment of 1.50 EUR (from Europe) or 2.00 USD (outside Europe) via PayPal we will send your 5H3EE QSL card(s) directly to you.

Please note

  • You have used the Online QSL Request System before and you want to get confirmed some new QSO(s)? Please use the system again and enter the new QSO(s) only. If you want a direct QSL card, this may require a new payment of postage, if we have already sent the previous card to you.
  • Your connection is aborted while using the Online QSL Request System and you cannot repeat the transaction? Please contact DL4ME.
  • You have problems using the Online QSL Request System? Please contact DL4ME!